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of senator feinstein. it may include chairman leahy. mr. jennifer, of the aclu, will testify and speculate later that if i had 40 contacts, that would mean that for my name, you would accumulate 2 million phone records. 2 million. for one inquiry. multiply that by 300. we're talking about 600 million
of my telephone calls. callsl of the telephone of senator feinstein. it may include chairman leahy.
the administration is more or less in the same place that senator feinstein is. we are open to reevaluating this program in ways that can perhaps provide greater confidence and public trust that this is a program that achieves privacy protection and national
that senator feinstein wrote. we have good testimony by bob
they look over it? we don't. i did find it interesting last night when we asked senator feinstein for her comment, ands you know, senator feinstein has been a pretty arch reporter-- >> warner: a member of the intelligence committee. >> exactly, and a very strong ally for the government and n.s.a. in supporting these efforts. she said that she feels the subsector, subsection of violation thereas she doesn't have authority over, she should now perhaps gain authority to review some of those that have to do with foreign
bill with the support of chairman blakey -- leahy. senator feinstein and i might have some overlap in our purchase. i will be happy to work with her. i like to focus my questions on transparency. after mr. snowden's
security threats? >> this is what we're looking at right now. as chairman feinstein noted, she has made some recommendations and we are in the process of looking through that to see if there are other ways of going about doing this where we still preserve the effectiveness of the operation and limit whatever intrusions come from that. >> i know one idea that general out xander suggested is the idea telecommunication companies holding the records, rather than the nsa. as long as the government could get access. do you want to testify about that? is that a viable alternative? >> there are multiple implementations that could work. with that the score that against what we've seen at the top. we need to have the ability to, if you ask a question of the database where you have reasonable suspicion about a plot against the homeland, you want to check to see if there is a connection to the homeland. you need the brass within the database. when you get a response, you have found it in any particular location in the world. the breadth is important. so long as you do this in a timely way. --need t
nancy pelosi and dining feinstein are holding down the for the in washington. welcome to leroy king and also the executive director of the office of investment and a infrastructure (clapping) and we're board members (calling names) also, we would like all the members of the shipyard advisory committee to stand up. this day wouldn't be possible without i (clapping) >> we'd like to welcome michael executive director of the building trade. sorry michael for blowing our name there. today, we're here to launch the construction of the new homes for the bay hunters community. today is the start for 14 hundred imply homes thirty percent of them will be affordable housing. and can you get a discount on getting a house. approximately 25 acres of parks and trails and open space with those spectacular views and programs to gunmen the community. small business assistance and home ownership opportunities and, of course, the preference of the shipyards artist colony. i'll so happy about that (clapping) >> there's much to celebrate so let us begin. we have an accomplished agreement and he works a
think the administration is more or less in the same place that senator finds thine is -- feinstein is. to running the program in a way that has public confidence and trust. house has directed the director of national intelligence to make changes in those areas. we look forward to working with that committee to see if there are changes that can be made it will preside -- preserve the essence of the program. >> thank you. of the diversity we have. he is the deputy republican leader and we appreciate the amount of time he speaks in this committee. thanks to each of the witnesses for your service to this country. those of us who have been here for a little while and through the evolution of these programs have learned more than the public generally knows about how they operate. that should give us confidence in what is occurring. i am also sensitive to senator feinstein. it was reiterated, the importance of maintaining public confidence in classified programs, which is a tough thing to do. i have also reminded the fact that 2007, we have 43 new members of the u.s. senate. there are been p
. the chair of the senate intelligence committee, senator feinstein. >> thank you very much. i would like to begin by putting a couple of letters in the record. they have been declassified. the first is a letter to myself and senator chambliss. explaining it and making the information available. the second is that same letter to the house. we have before 2010 and 2011. >> with no objection, that will be made part of the record. >> thank you. i believe mr. inglis's statement makes obligor fact and it is an important fact. it is on page four of his letter and what he points out, mr. cole describes that the query can only be done on reasonable suspicion and only 22 people have access to that, trained and abetted analyst at the nsa. if the numbers are run and it looks like there is a problem, the report is made to the fbi. the fbi looks at it and if they want to collect content, they must get a probable cause warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance court. in 2012, based on those fewer than 300 selectors, that is queries, we provided a total of 12 reports to the fbi, which altogeth
that supervisor tanking will be sponsoring an ad add summit with feinsteins office our office and smart len 0. i spoke with smart len 0 and he's pleased to hear we're going to moderate. so supervisor is going to find a spot and day to a move it forward >> a board update on the mission. i want to commend the office of supervisor campos and the mission acknowledge agency. the business is now better so it's a real, real consolidated effort to let folks know we can keep the businesses in the community >> great. >> thank you. >> any other commissioner reports? next item please. next item is general public comment >> do we have anybody here to make comments on any future meetings? seeing none, public comment is closed >> next item please. commissioner that places you on item 17, new business? >> any new business? >> seeing none, next item. >> commissioners that places you on item 18. is there a motion and i want to motion on honor of chris >> commission meeting adjourned at >> and welcome to the san francisco land use and economic development committee. i am scott wiener the chair of the co
, senator feinstein, they're all engaged. we have to push very hard. and i think our voices are going to be that much stronger if we add an additional 100,000 people on our way to citizenship because that's the full circle. and that's why we need immigration reform. we also need to make sure we bring some path of citizenship to all those that are living in the shadows as we have been a sanctuary city. we need everybody to be full participants, and that's what we're doing today. so, again, i want to thank sandra. i want to thank annie, i want to thank all the community groups that are standing behind us, people that we'll work with to help us be the successful city that we always feel we are, but we want to get more out of our citizens than just living and enjoying life here. we have to participate in the fullest way and this is what's going to make our city even more successful. thank you very much for participating here today. (applause) >> thank you, mayor lee. we would not get all these things done in san francisco without the leadership and support of the san francisco board of su
man being thanks in part to the intervention of senator dianne feinstein. is he an expert on africa with a phd from stanford, last week arrested over this dispute over a piece of checked luggage. his wife called senator feinstein's office and yesterday, got clearance to leave the country. >> a bizarre ending to a high-speed chase. a day after she allegedly stole a car with a child inside. that chase reached speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. another deputy went to the back seat and pulled the boy out to say he was fine. >> one of former president bush's twin daughters is revealing she would like to see hillary clinton run for president in 2016. 31-year-old barbara bush told "people" magazine she believes clinton is quote, unbelievely accomplished but her respect for clinton doesn't necessarily mean she would vote for the secretary of state. bush says she has no political afillation. >> michelle obama says she's confident there will be a female president in her lifetime. it just won't be her. she was asked if she'd ever run. her answer "no". the first lady turns 50 in january and say
oversight committees. they have gone on record, dianne feinstein, guilty of treason. they knew for seven years what was going on and refused to disclose it to the american people. the best was some cryptic statements. if they knew what was going on, they would be stunned. edward snowden is supposed to go to them? that seems rather implausible because they were the ones responsible for the secrecy. >> i want to add to this. in terms of the president made the statement that the president had enacted whistle blower laws that protected contractors like my son edward, that is absolutely untrue. either the president is being mis-led by his advisers or he is intentionally mis-leading the american people. >> the whistle blower -- >> absolutely not. we should go through that. hypothetically, let's imagine he said there's a problem -- he got on an airline in honolulu and flew to washington, d.c., and lands at dulles and actually gets an audience, let's say, peter king, or dianne feinstein. how do we think he would have been received if he had a private audience? we have seen how they reacted, they
programs will be topic one when lawmakers including senator dianne feinstein are scheduled to meet with president obama. ktvu's kyla campbell is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the action feinstein wants to take to protect our privacy. kyla? >> reporter: well, tori, i spoke to her staff. they said she will be talking with the president today. so will other democrats and republicans from congress. senator feinstein is the chair of the senate intelligence committee. she's ordered the nsa to review how government surveillance could expose americans' privacy. but she's denounced former nsa contractor edward snowden leaking intelligence. snowden claims the nsa's tracked millions of americans' phone records. there was a discussion yesterday about this. >> those reports contained less than 500 numbers. not millions, not hundreds of thousands. not tens of thousands. >> reporter: now we're learning about another spy program. this one allegedly collects e- mails and internet searches of americans. what the nsa is saying about that surveillance program when i see you next. live in wa
it interesting last night when we asked senator feinstein for her comment, ands you know, senator feinstein has been a pretty arch reporter-- >> warner: a member of the intelligence committee. >> exactly, and a very strong ally for the government and n.s.a. in supporting these efforts. she said that she feels the subsector, subsection of violation thereas she doesn't have authority over, she should now perhaps gain authority to review some of those that have to do with foreign communications. >> warner: now, what was the reaction, both from the administration and also on capitol hill? >> there's been a lot of reaction. initially, the white house was not commenting for our story. the n.s.a. i noticed this morning issued a statement saying these are unintentional violations, and we use this exercise always to try to improve our work, and we keep trying to improve our work so our violations will go down. on the hill, you already heard what i said about senator feinstein, but speaker pelosi said these are very disconcerting numbers and she wants to look more deeply into them. >> warner: do you thin
a deal. senators feinstein and boxer issued a statement urging both sides to get together rkt get a deal done, now. governor brown ordered a fact finding board. >> we have information to hammer out a deal. our team prepared to stay. >> that won't be easy. both sides are still far apart on terms of a new contract. >> we need agreements on overtime rules and other things but this doesn't mean it can't happen. >> unless there is a break through by sunday it seems inevitable he will order a 60 day cooling off period. a sign the board then issue that had cooling off allowing both sides top reach a deal. in cases they have. >> i'm not in agreement. i don't believe we have right to hold passengers hostage. >> a strike could be called by bart unions. >> we'll do our best. we want the public to be warned we asked riders to deliver their own message. >> i would say get it together so we can get to work. >> i think there are great benefits. should probably stop complaining about them. >> don't strike. we need you. >> riders hope someone is listen being. >> breaking news on the peninsula students ar
california, barabara boxer y dianne feinstein enviaron una carta al bart y los sindicatos para pedirles que lleguen a un acuerdo y acabar con la disputa. outro ---si ambas partes no logran un contrato el domingo, el gobernador jerry brown podria ordenar que las negociaciones continuen otros 60 dias.. de no ser asi, podria haber otra huelga.. ---regreso con ustedes. blanca ---se han iniciado los trabajos de reparacion de docenas de "pernos" defectuosos en la rampa este del "bay bridge". take vo ---los trabajadores de caltrans han comenzado a instalar unos "sujetadores" de acero para darle estabilidad al puente en caso de un terremoto. ---estas reparaciones se espera finalicen a mediados de diciembre. ---caltrans, tambien reparar una zona en la nueva plataforma para que pueda ser habilitada rapidamente. stop open cesar ---hoy abre sus puertas el controvertido club para caballeros en el centro de san jose... take vo ---y el "gold club" comenzara a funcionar sin ningun tipo de restricciones por parte de la ciudad... ---el concejo municipal de san jose se reunio anoche para analizar la aprobacio
. >>> and in the l.a. times, feinstein and durbin, how to close gitmo. the two high ranking senators write an op-ed saying it's not america's military that's failed, it's our policy makers. >>> topping our news, breaking news in alabama to update you on, a large cargo plane crashing just an hour ago while on approach to the birmingham airport. wvtm reporting the plane is burning after two explosions. it was coming from louisville, kentucky. no explanation how many were onboard the air bus plane or if there were any injuries. >>> also, benefits are dividing the town of yarnell, arizona, where 19 hotshot firefighters were killed battling a june wildfire. because of 13 of them were considered temporary employees, their families are not entitled to full survivors benefits. the difference lies in families getting health insurance and increased life insurance payment and the men's annual salaries. >>> a 12-year-old florida boy is fighting for his life after he went swimming and ended up with a brain-eating ameba. he's infected with a very rare condition but found in fresh water lakes, ponds, and river
: senator dianne feinstein is speaking at the lake tahoe summit. the annual event focuses on restoration and sustainability efforts at the lake. former vice-president al gore will deliver the keynote address. $1.5 million have been spent on projects to combat runoff, and reduce air pollution, since the vent began in 1997. >>> a palestinian hanger who claims to have discovered a facebook security flaw took the issue straight to the top. the flaw allows anyone to post anything to anyone's page, so after being ignored by facebook's security team, the man posted the issue on ceo mark zuckerberg's page to prove his point. within minutes he was contacted by facebook to get more details. the bug has been fixed sense and khalil may get $500 for this efforts. that's what they promise if you find a flaw. >> ama: the forecast is ahead. >> let's look at the clouds throughout right now. these clouds, retreating back to the coast, and you'll see sunshine if we can get through the clouds and blow off thunderstorms as they develop to the east and work towards us. >> eric: the protesters who say they're
that are enabled by the services. and feinstein the derivatives should have cleaner operating vehicles. we have the cleanest taxi fleet in the nation and while we have a first transit operation taxis play a critical role because people need private vehicles by need automobiles to get around but to the extent that is made that have vehicles that are not clean it works against our policies. so we think it's important that if those services are to operate they're supposed to be clean air vehicles. we think that's kind of the bare anytime in terms of what is needed to insure the basic public sadists policies and goals of the city. i think the proposed decision suggested that what they were recommending was aiken to highway we regulate taxis. they specifically called out this and there are many ways in the not the case so we further iceberg that features of taxis of taxi regulation such as a rate regulation and certification of meters are certified by the department of weights and measures. the saeshlt measurements you need those all in place to get closer to the requirement of the regulations on th
world of affordable housing, leadership pelosi has been a huge champion with senator feinstein in preserving the program. we know we have a huge champion in you as we look at tax reform, we're confident that you will be with us on that issue. we get investors to buy the tax credits and that helps to pay for the building. it's a very complicated transaction and todd is here representing the foundation. they have brought in equity investment of over $1.2 billion. to give you a sense of how important they are and how important the program is. thank you. [ applause ] you know in san francisco, everything is green, but liz helps us go greener. and so they have provided an important pre-development grant to help us understand how to green this project and make them the most environmentally sustainability program. they are a huge partner with us nationally and with all the communities and the work that they do across the country. so thank you stephanie and liz. [ applause ] we have two different banking partners on this project that have combined to lend over $22 million to the con
feinstein said ask him about the offense. >> i would say in a classified session i can give you chapter and verse on the expense. it's dpircht whether you choose the implementation or leave it with the provide piers. they should bear the expense. >> thank you. >> senator lee. >> thank you, mr. chairman, as i understand it, the nsa's collection of ma tada that, the kind we've, discussing today is pursuant to 215 of the patriot act. section 215 b-2 a of the act places an important limitation on the collection, and it limit the government's ability to collect that meta data to where circumstances data in question is quote, relevant to an authorized investigate, closed quote. it's difficult to define in the abstract. it's somewhat fluid concept and one of those things that some might say i know it when i see it. but i struggle to define it. yet regardless of how difficult it might be to twin in the abstract what relevance is. continue don't you think we have left the station of relevance long before we get to the point of collecting meta data on potentially 300 million americans, and their
intelligence commit year che dine feinstein by surprise, and the judiciary chairman is promising hearings. michelle richardson says they cannot do their job without this information. >> the member0s congress have not received a full explanation how the programs work or any compliance problems with the privacy, regulations. and from the information released last night we see that's been done intentionally, and that information is available but the nsa and the administration are intentionally withholding it from the courts and congress, who are tasked with making sure the programs protect privacy. >> senator feinstein says lawmakers can and should do more to verify the nsa's operations are appropriate. >> shepard: the national security agency is getting it from both sides now. >> well, former new hampshire governor john sununu, a run, was sharply critical, saying the missteps reflect a sloppy attitude toward legal limits which he believes begins in the oval office. dennis kucinich says -- >> goes to the heart of what it means to be an american and that mean wes have basic freedoms that cann
said it in that it has not stopped terrorist attacks, wind. >> democratic senator dianne feinstein of california who chairs the intelligence committee defended the program. >> i was on the intelligence 9/11, and ifore remember how little information we had and the great criticism of the government because of inabilityepipes, the to share intelligence, the inability to collect intelligence. we had nrams that could have possibly caught two people in san diego before the event took place. i support this program. , think based on what i know they will come after us. i think we need to prevent an attack wherever we can from happening. , diane feinstein is circling the very different place than these other senators that we've heard from republican and democrat. read she brings up 9/11. the u.s. government had all the information it needed to prevent 9/11. it didn't need all of these ball data collection and everything else. all it needed to do was have the cia tell the fbi or the state department that these two people were coming to the united states because they knew it. they knew it be
of the -- >> next witness? >> next questioner, the chair of the senate intelligence committee, senator feinstein, and we're at great advantage to have her on the committee. >> well, thank you very much, mr. chairman. i'd like to begin by putting a ouple these have just been declassified. the first is a letter to myself and senator chambliss and february 2nd, 2011 before this program came up, before the senate, explaning it, making the information available. the second is that same letter to the house, so we have before 2010 and 2011. i'd also -- >> without objection, they will be made part of the record. >> thank you. i'd also like to -- i just realized that i believe the statement makes public for the first time a fact, and it's an important fact. it's on page 4 of his letter, and what he points out, i think mr. cole describes that the query, which is the search of the data base, can only be done on reasonable, articulateble sus suspicion, and only two people have access to that, trained and vetted at the nsa. if the numbers are run, and it looks like there's a problem, the report is made to t
and the house and dianne feinstein, what they're going to have to say. is it going to be more misdirection. we talk about james clapper, but i think the leadership of the two intelligence committees at this point is quite suspect. congressman amash i believe t k talked about it when he talked about how people answer questions. much of how you answer questions is framed by what questions are asked. so i would say that mike rogers, peter king, dianne feinstein, and some of the other members and those leaders who put them there really need to take a hard look at that leadership. i believe it's deficient. any prior career, when you have problems with oversight and there's a loss of confidence, you change the leadership. i believe it's time for that. >> i also would volunteer, it shows that sunshine is the best disinfecttant. one of the things that was very apparent when we attended the senate judiciary committee hearing today contacted by senator pat leahy that everyone was eager to discuss ways to reform the programs that edward snowden revealed, but it was like his name was tabu. no one could u
snowden. you also see members of congress like diane feinstein, who at fist was like this program is great and defending it, who are now less equivocal about it. >> we know the president addressed this in the press conference last friday. this need to be more transparent. let's take a listen. >> identi've taken steps to make they have strong oversight by all three branches of government and clear safeguards to prevent abuse and protect the rights of the american people. but given the history of abuse by governments, it's right to ask questions about surveillance, particularly as technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives. >> so perry, these new documents, i'm curious, how far in advance does the president and administration hear about these documents? we know now that they heard about them before the public did, but did they know about it during the time of the press conference or before that? >> it sounds like they did, or they didn't know when "the washington post" would publish the story about them. these audits about these violations have been known for quite a while. the danger
, the first is the chair of the senate select committee on intelligence, senator feinstein. she says i am briefed by the intelligence committee on last week's chemical weapon as tack in sara and i believe it points to the attack by the assad government and i would direct you to a statement from the vice chair of the senate select committee on intelligence and this is a republican senator chambliss, a gentleman that not shied away from contradicting the president in public on a wietd range of issues, and however in this case his assessment is similar if not the same as the assessment reached by the president. senator chambliss said based on available intelligence there can be no doubt the assad regime is responsible for using chemical weapons on the syrian people. roberta. >> how does the intelligence maybe completed classified version of its assessment. >> i am not in a position to talk about it from here. >> whether it is completed or not. >> i am not in a position to talk about it from here. >> how if congress hasn't been provided with the classified details of the assessment? >> there
intelligence committee diane feinstein wasn't even aware of the audit until it was reported in the paper. feinstein disputes that, but in a statement admitted that the committee can and should do more to independently verify that nsa's operations are inappropriate and that its awareness of incidents are accurate. and the top judge on the secretive court that approves surveillance programs says judges aren't able to independently verify whether the government violates the law, saying they are, quote, forced to rely upon the accuracy of the information that is provided to the court. critics have been demanding more oversight. >> why is the government spying on its own people? >> reporter: and even prominent democrats are troubled. nancy pelosi called the new report extremely disturbing. congressman jim lanchovan deeply concerned. the trust seemed to widen after director of intelligence james clapper in a senate hearing last march. >> does the nsa collect any type of data on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 164 (some duplicates have been removed)